July 3 - 4 | Moscow
Co-chairs BRICS Civil Forum
Victoria Panova
International relations today are affected by a profound crisis marked by escalating geopolitical tensions, a widening geography of armed conflicts, mounting poverty and inequality, and the looming threat of natural and man-made disasters, along with the risks of new epidemics. Meanwhile, the representatives of the so-called Golden Billion persist in their clumsy yet increasingly aggressive efforts to maintain dominance, prioritizing their own prosperity at the expense of the broader global community. It is imperative, therefore, that we, the peoples of the BRICS countries and the Global Majority, acknowledge our unique responsibility to safeguard our planet and use our best efforts to establish a new world order founded upon the principles of genuine multipolarity, mutual respect, and equality. BRICS stands as a beacon of hope for humanity's collective salvation and the realization of a brighter future for all.
Еlena Peryshkina
A healthy and clean environment is something that we must leave to future generations. No future technological advances in medicine will help preserve the health of the future generation if we don’t take care of it today. Humanity must find the strength to give up the use of drugs that destroy people physically, mentally and socially.
Elena Topoleva-Soldunova
Caring for people should be central to efforts to ensure sustainable development. The Sustainable Development Goals are indivisible. We cannot be satisfied with the fact that we see progress only in achieving some goals, while poverty, hunger and inequality in the world are getting worse.

Goals of Equitable Development



Sovereign Economic and Financial Development

Education and Human Development

Information and Cybersecurity,

Digital Development

Social Healthcare

and Well-Being

Culture, Sports and Tourism

Environment, Energy Transition, Social Fairness

Vision 2050: Values and Rights of Nations

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BRICS Civil Forum