The philosophical essay contest “Vision 2050 – BRICS People 2050 – How BRICS Would Change the World by 2050” finished

The results and winners of the essay contest “Vision 2050” were announced at an online jury meeting that took place in Moscow on May 24.

Participants in the competition were asked to envision a future in which humankind will be better off than it is now and to suggest long-term strategies to achieve it. The philosophical essay has been chosen as the format for the contest.

Felix Azhimov, Chair of the Contest Jury and Dean of the HSE Faculty of Humanities, noted that more than 150 essays were received for the selection phase; half of these were accepted for evaluation after being verified to meet the contest standards.

Representatives of Russia, China, Spain, South Africa, Uruguay, India, Turkmenistan, Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo took part in the competition.

The jury members selected ten winners based on the meeting's results, three of whom will be able to attend the BRICS Civil Forum in Moscow in person.

List of winners:

1st place – Anna Tishkina (Russia), Belgorod State University

2nd place – Zhanna Ogloblina (Russia), Lomonosov Moscow State University

3rd place – Huang Yize (China), Nazarbayev University, Astana

List of second prize winners:

Mikhail Pobedenny (Russia), Lillie Ferriol Prat (Spain-South Africa), Igor Iliushchenko (Russia), Irina Pyatnitsyna (Russia), Anastasia Tsygankova (Russia), Anton Kondratenko (Russia), Stanislav Konoplev (Russia), Igor Lavrovski (Russia).

Congratulations and wish you all further success!