On March 29, a meeting of the BRICS Civil Forum working group on sovereign economic and financial development will be held at HSE University in Moscow

Moscow, HSE University campus, 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Room F301

March 29, 2024 at 4 pm

A meeting of the BRICS Civil Forum working group on Sovereign Economic and Financial Development will take place at HSE University campus in Moscow. The participants of the round table will prepare proposals for the BRICS Civil Forum scheduled for July 3–4, 2024.

Moderator: Nikolay Ostarkov, Сo-сhair of "Sovereign Economic and Financial Development" Working group

The agenda for the meeting includes discussions on the following topics:

  1. Risks and economic losses resulting from the dollar's monopoly in the global financial system
  2. Revisiting issues related to sustainable economic development within the framework of the global logistics system's fragmentation
  3. Development of distributed money creation systems
  4. Concept for the evolution of the New Development Bank
  5. Economic rivalry becoming more military with the economy turning into a hybrid weapon
  6. Delegitimization of ownership as a concept
  7. Politicization of the climate agenda and its use as a weapon for unjust business practices
  8. The risk of digital platforms and the Internet collapse amid exponential transaction growth and the necessity for developing technological platforms built on a new generation of operating systems (balancing architectural solutions and programming standards).

To take part in the meeting, please send your contact details to Irina G. Kostetskaya at ikostetskaya@gmail.com by March 28. Contact mobile number: +7-926-306-35-25.

How to get there: